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UX Flow remastered [new product] πŸ”₯

Hello πŸ‘‹

UX Flow product has been downloaded over 1 million times. Yes, 1 million! I still cannot believe that and I have never expected such a huge number of downloads. When I created the first version of it back in 2015 I did it mainly for fun and to help myself with the design and UX process.

Today many people, companies, and organizations use it to help them in their UX, research, plan, or management work but over time I realized that I use it more and more in my daily routine as a UX designer. However, I really wanted to have a more comprehensive tool that will help me and other colleague designers to fulfill their needs in a more complete manner.

The UI/UX process is quite common - we plan, we do research, we create low-fidelity mockups, then we create more detailed designs, we iterate, we create a product and as a final step we hand off the results to our beloved developers. Nonetheless, the problem is that we use plenty of different kits and tools to accomplish our ideas and projects. They have different look & feel, methodology, naming convention, aesthetic, components, and more. Along with my friends Andrzej Mialszygrosz and Patryk Ilnicki we have created a product we are really proud of, where we have combined our 30 (in total) years of experience, and where we can speed up the design process using a bespoke solution which helps us with creating beautiful and meaningful products for our own clients. All these tools help us significantly in our own design process, so one day we have decided to polish them and prepare something that other people may benefit from as well.

Ladies and gentlemen I’d like to introduce our result of countless hours of work.

UXToolset - a product where you can Improve your daily UX workflow and create wireframes, flowcharts, user flows, diagrams, prototypes, and handoff documentation with drag & drop fully scalable components for Sketch / Figma.

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Inside UXToolset:

Flow Kit

A remastered version of well known UX flow which is now much better organized, adapted to new Sketch/Figma features, and all bugs and errors have been fixed. It includes hundreds of vector flowchart cards, diagram elements, scalable arrows, and other components for creating quick sitemaps.

Wireframe Kit

Create wireframes and prototypes faster with 1500+ fully customizable components and ready-to-use layouts.

Handoff Kit

Measure. Note. Comment. Create documentation for the collaborators (i.e. designers or developers) directly inside your design file. How to use it? It’s easy! Just drag & drop components, scale or rotate it and get a professional UX/UI specification directly in your design files.

Main Features:

  • Resizable components, Auto layout, and Variants
  • Easily customizable global styles
  • Scalable well-organized naming and structure
  • Predefined text and layer styles
  • 170+ Vector Cards (Flow-Kit)
  • 1500+ UI Components (Wireframe-Kit)
  • 236 Component for Handoff documentation (Handoff-Kit)
  • Predefined Desktop & Mobile Layouts (Wireframe-Kit)
  • Compatible with Sketch / Figma

What’s next?

We plan to be adding more assets in the future, more examples, and layouts. We are also working on a mobile version of Flow kit including dozens of new cards, and many more.

Need to find out more? Please visit our website

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